I am from London.I have been buying  pashmina and handicrafts from SK Handicraft Export Nepal for 5 years.I have  found that their  products(pashmina,felt) are of high and good quality.I am here in  Nepal as a social worker for  5 years and suggesting all  my friends to buy products from this shop.Till date  I haven’t  found any complaints from my side and my friends side too to whom I  have recommend this shop.And the  salesman and the owner of this shop are kindly hearted and honest too.

So  I recommend all the people  not to believe in my words and once visit the shop  and  find a Good qualities  of pashmina and handicraft here in SK Handicraft Export Nepal which is situated at Jyatha,Thamel, Nepal.
Another good deeds of SK handicraft Export is that it spend its 15% of income in welfare  and education of poor and needy child.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   PAM RAFETY

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