About Pashmina


What is pashmina (cashmere) ?

Pashmina, better known as cashmere, is one of the softest fibres found in nature. It is procured from the soft hair that grows on the underbelly, under arms, and chest of the mountain goat "capra hircus". This goat lives at high altitudes (10,000 to 15,000 feet), above the treeline, where there is little natural protection. Nature has blessed these goats with a thin, short, inner coat of hair ("pashmina") which is the best natural insulation in the world! With this special inner coat, these goats can tolerate the heart-chilling temperatures of this high mountain climate.

Pashmina has an exotically silky texture, is almost weightless, and is extremely warm. Wearing it next to the skin provides a uniquely titilating experience, which has been described as sensual sublimity by our ancestors. At one time, pashmina was a secret only known to rich and noble families, and it was thus considered an elite luxury, affordable only to the few. In recent times, pashmina has become affordable and popular throughout the world.

Nepal has become a renowned centre for quality pashmina. SK Handicrafts produce and sell high quality pashmina, using onlyreal Nepali handloomed pashmina. We do not sell pashmina from other countries (eg China, India, etc) which is often considered low quality.
Please think carefully before you buy, not all pashmina is equal! If you want a real pashmina, visit our showroom or factory.

Manufacturing Process